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Tampa Bay's Best Personal Injury Lawyer

At The Fran Haasch Law Group, you will find a Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer focused on helping you and your family recover. We pursue personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims to obtain full compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost earnings, property damage, and more.

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Florida Full Throttle Magazine

If you want to see what's been happening in the biker community in the state of Florida there is no better place then Florida Full Throttle.


Jay Corn And Check In Systems

No more sign in sheet

Theres's an App for that!

The days of the paper sign in sheet are fading. Check In Systems uses tablets such as Apple iPads and Android based touch screens to take the process of sign in to a new level. Simple sign in apps organize the customers into check list style queues and keep the data for statistical analysis.

Stormin Norman Smyser

August 1, 1955 - December 10, 2022

Forever in our Hearts

This section is dedicated to Stormin Norman, he was Diva Cookies beloved Husband and volunteered to write and maintain our website. He was a kind and loving man with a big heart.